Sidekick Running Board Switchback LED Strip Kit

MSRP: $49.99
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Both Amber and White
Survive well in all conditions and weather  
IP67 waterproof

OPT7 Sidekick Running Board Kit

Looking to upgrade your truck? No revamp is complete without our Sidekick Running Board Kit - our top-quality switchback LED strips that make everyone else’s ride look second-tier.
Here’s why you should load up on lighting with this badass kit.

Designed to dominate.

Equip yourself to stand out with fully automated, multi-function running board strips. Show the other drivers how it’s done.

  • Running Board Lights: A striking big rig-style amber light glowing at all times
  • Flash Turn Signal: An Amber flash to let them know where you’re going
  • Courtesy Step-up: A luxurious white courtesy light that helps you and riders make an entrance

All of these features can be easily wired to run at all times.  No need to pick one feature over the other.

In it for the long haul.

You get the good stuff, you install ‘em yourself, you expect them to last. These tough-as-nails LED strips stay put through rain, shine, snow, and debris.

  • Each strip is lined with ultra-stick 3M tape backing
  • Package includes adhesive booster wipes to prep your car surface
  • Airtight silicone sealing delivers IP67 waterproof protection

Genuine 3M Automotive Tape

Our premium strip kits use genuine 3M Super Strength Molding Tape for a lasting hold you can trust.

Tip on applying adhesive LED strips securely:

1. To prep the area you wish to mount the LED Strip, wash the installation point with warm water, then wipe it dry.
2. Dampen a clean cloth in warm water, then scrub the surface to remove debris. Any grime left behind could prevent the LEDs from sticking, so thoroughly clean the surface until it’s free of dirt and scuff marks.
3. Remove any moisture leftover with a clean, dry cloth or give the surface 30 minutes to air dry. Next, use the adhesive booster that we provide to wipe the area for a ready-to-stick surface.
4. Peel the adhesive backing off and press the LEDs in place very slowly. LED lights are like stickers, so wait until you’re ready to put them on the wall before pulling the backing off. It’s best to do this a little at a time. Start at one end of the surface, peeling the backing off of the initial LED light. Position it, press it flat by hand, then continue placing the rest of the strip. Take your time. Make sure the LEDs are in the right place so you don’t have to move them later.

Ready to rumble with any build.

Whether you’re hitting the streets with a Dodge Ram, Chevy Silverado, Ford F-150, or Toyota Tundra, we have a Sidekick Running Board Kit that fits great with your truck.

  • Regular cab/SuperCab: 4-ft/5-ft pack option
  • Crew cab/SuperCab/SuperCrew: 5-ft pack option


  • Length: 48-inch | 60-inch | 78-inch.
  • LED Count: 120 | 150 | 210.
  • Wattage: 24w per strip | 30w per strip | 42w per strip.
  • Amperage: 1.8 amps per strip | 2.7 amps per strip | 3.15 amps per strip.
  • Turn Signal: Normal Flash.
  • Function: Amber (regular/running) / White (door open & unlock).
  • Kit Includes: (2) LED strips, (6) mounting brackets, (4) Scotchlok connectors, (10) zip-ties, (1) adhesive booster.
  • Wiring Length: 9.8 ft.
  • LED Type: 2835 Switchback SMD.
  • Mounting: 3M Automotive tape.
  • Water Resistance: IP67.

Package Include:

  • 2x Sidekick Running Strips
  • 8x Wiring Scotch Locks
  • 1x Install Guide

Length Guide:

  • 48": 2 doors with 1 row of seating
  • 60": 2-4 doors with 2 rows of seating, rear doors could be suicide doors
  • 78": 4 doors with 2 rows of seating, rear doors are full-sized & open in the same direction as the front doors

Warranty Covered:

Includes our free 1 Year Warranty (starting from the order date)

Installation Guide.


CA Residents:  WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -