We Are OPT7 Lighting

We are OPT7

Learn why OPT7 has become the #1 leader in automotive lighting & design.


Our Story

OPT7’s origins all started in a small garage in California. The year is 1998 and Super Street and Import Tuner ruled the street.

Back in 2006, our CEO and founder (Kyle) noticed that cars and trucks look stunning with aftermarket lights. The sad part was that for some reason the only lights around were either ridiculously expensive (think $1000s) or horribly made.

That’s when we decided we could do better, we used our 12 year background in concert stage lighting, we knew we could make aftermarket lighting fun, affordable, and perfect for you. After three brutal months of prototypes, testing, and squatting toilets, he came back with what would lay the foundation to what is now our Rex Aftermarket Lighting System. We we’re the very first to reliably develop aftermarket lighting kits at a consumer friendly price.

Then it got real. Within the first few months of launch, we had gained a following. #OPT7 was being mentioned on Twitter, Facebook, and automotive forums.

In the pursuit of a better automotive experience, we made our own path. OPT7’s family of premium consumer lighting and automotive products have brought inspiration, design, excitement, and uniqueness of lighting design to the automotive world of expressive customization.

Enthusiasts were starting to take notice: Our lights shined brighter, lasted longer and we helped make our customers rides stunningly unique.

Within a year, we had become “No. 1” seller on the marketplace. And we’re still growing.
Today, OPT7 proudly offers a wide range of automotive aftermarket lighting products for every need. Interior or Exterior. Plus, we are launching new products almost every month.
Recently, we launched our C1 and C2 Offroad LED light bars and the reviews cannot get any better.
5 stars across the board and at a price that can’t be beat. If you have ever wanted more light for your truck or ATV, look no further.


What We Believe

Over the years, we’ve grown beyond Aftermarket Headlight Systems. We now have a presence in all aspects of automotive lighting from custom motorcycle lighting to off-road lighting. And although we have a larger footprint in the aftermarket automotive industry, we still stay true to our founder’s philosophy of always looking for ways to improve new and existing products. Make things brighter, stronger and simpler just for the sake of doing so. The OPT7 philosophy reflects in all of our products. And if it hasn’t yet in one, it’s only because we’re working on it.

At OPT7 we have always felt that your ride is never been a tool to get you from point A to point B. It’s an expression of self, what you are, what you want to become and where you will head. It can tell a story of what inspires you and how you can inspire others. We want to give those that feel the same way the products that can help develop their own expression of their vehicle. OPT7 Lighting is here to stay. We started small, dreamt big, and made it. All thanks to you, our customer.

We thank our valued customers for being a part of our growing company and helping us continue to pave the path towards a brighter road.

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OPT7 located in CA since 2006.



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