1. OPT7 will request proof of purchase when submitting warranty exchange requests and claims. OPT7 will only provide warranty replacements with proof of purchases on OPT-7.com and its online platforms, including eBay, Amazon.comAmazon.ca, and Amazon.com.mx, and sold by OPT7 Lighting. 

The purchases from third-party sellers on all the online platforms mentioned are not eligible for warranty exchange and replacement.

3. The refunded purchases from the online platforms mentioned are not eligible for warranty exchange and replacement.

4. OPT7 will request proof of defects in videos and pictures. Please refrain from discarding or disposing of any defective OPT7 products or parts until the replacements have been received. The OPT7 Support Team can only provide limited support if the faulty parts are discarded and cannot offer a replacement. 

5. OPT7 warranty begins on the day of purchase. Warranty replacement parts and products shipped by OPT7 or fulfilled by Amazon will not reset the OPT7 warranty. Please refer to the product page for the length of the warranty.

6. OPT7 will ship warranty exchange replacement products and parts after the defective parts and products are returned. We do not cover the shipping costs of returning to OPT7’s RMA Warehouse.

7. OPT7 warranty coverage does not cover the following conditions:

7.1. Accidental damage
7.2. Damage caused by acts of nature
7.3. Damage caused by road debris or exterior force

8. OPT7 will cover the replacement products and parts’ shipping costs.

9. The OPT7 warranty excludes coverage for labor costs or expenses related to removing defective OPT7 products or parts and installation expenses for replacement components.

10. OPT7 will only ship the replacement products and parts to addresses in the United States and its territories.

11. OPT7 will only ship the replacement products and parts to Canada if the purchase is made on Amazon Canada and sold by OPT7 Lighting. Please refer to OPT7 Shipping and Return Policy #17 and 18 for further details.

12. OPT7 highly recommends the OEM tail lights and headlight lighting solution (if applicable) be removed and stored away for safekeeping.

13. The OPT7 warranty does not cover upgrade services or exchanges for different OPT7 products.

14. OPT7 warranty coverage is non-transferable. If you purchase from a reseller or installer, the warranty will need to be requested by the reseller or installer. 

15. OPT7 warranty does not cover pre-owned vehicles that come with OPT7 products. 

16. OPT7 warranty coverage does not include a refund.  

17. The OPT7 Shipping Policy will apply to all warranty exchange and replacement shipments. 

18. Warranty Limitations: The OPT7 warranty does not cover obvious misuse, abuse, or physical damage. This includes damage caused by water intrusion, liquids leading to electronic failure or corrosion, and any harm to the circuit board or wiring. 

19. All warranties, expressed or implied, are void if the OPT7 Warranty/Customer Service Department determines that sufficient evidence of one or more of the following exists:

19.1. Negligence: Incorrect installation or modification of OPT7 products that deviate from their intended use
19.2. Product purchased through an unauthorized marketplace or seller.

20. OPT7 is not liable for any damage, cost, loss, or injury arising from using any of OPT7’s products directly or indirectly. The customers are responsible for determining the risks associated with the aftermarket automotive products purchased and their usage, as it relates to the vehicle in which it is being installed. 

21. All OPT7’s user guides and YouTube Channel videos are for information and general guidance only and do not constitute installation principles or advice, you should consult with aftermarket automotive professionals and mechanics regarding your vehicle’s year, make, and model manufactured setup and process. OPT7 Lighting does not assume responsibility for any losses or damages that may occur as a result of using or relying on information provided in our user guides and YouTube videos. To the fullest extent permitted by law, we exclude all liability of loss or damages, direct or indirect, arising from use of the information provided on OPT7 Knowledge Base and YouTube Channel. 

22. OPT7 products’ warranty ranges between 15 days to 2 years from the purchase date, depending on the product. The warranty length will be specified on the product pages. Please contact us for any questions about an OPT7 product’s warranty. 

23. If you experience a product problem, please contact us, and we will strive to do our best to troubleshoot the issues. If troubleshooting does not resolve the product issues, we will proceed with the warranty exchange process.

24. We strongly recommend researching and reviewing the local municipality’s traffic laws and regulations to determine whether the OPT7 products purchased are street-legal for driving and off-road use. OPT7 Lighting is not responsible for fees, fines, or any legal implications of installing and using OPT7 products. 

25. OPT7 Refurbished Promise:
Selective refurbished parts may be available at a discounted price. OPT7 RMA and Product Department complete a rigorous refurbishment process including full testing that meets the same functional standards as new OPT7 products. Your refurbished device is truly “like new,” with special savings of up to 50%. Please contact us about refurbished parts’ availability and prices.

26. Please complete the OPT7 Warranty Request Form to begin the warranty claim process. For all questions concerning OPT7’s Exchange & Warranty Policy, please contact us at support@opt-7.com or fill out our contact form. One of our friendly team members will contact you in one to two business days.