AURA Engine Bay LED Lighting Kit - Remote Control Full Color Spectrum

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interior led glow kit

AURA Original 12-inch

Remote Included
AURA™ Engine Bay 12" Interior LED Light Kit Includes:
  • 1 x 24-Key Handheld Remote
  • 1 x AURA™ V1 Control Box
  • 4 x 12" LED Strips with Adhesive Back
  • 4 x 10ft Extension Wires
  • 1 x 10 ft Hardwire In-line Fuse Power Harness
  • 1 x Pack of Mounting Kit and Zip Ties
AURA Original 24-inch

Remote Included
AURA™ Engine Bay 24" Interior LED Light Kit Includes:
  • 1 x 24-Key Handheld Remote
  • 1 x AURA™ V1 Control Box
  • 4 x 24" LED Strips with Adhesive Back
  • 4 x 10ft Extension Wires
  • 1 x 10 ft Hardwire In-line Fuse Power Harness
  • 1 x Pack of Mounting Kit and Zip Ties

Fire Up Your Engine Bay With LED Lights. 
Get ready for a show-stopping entrance at the next car meet! Prepare yourself for a never-ending stream of inquiries like, "Where did you get those?"
Introducing our customization SmartColor LED Engine Bay kit, designed to elevate your ride to a whole new level of attention-commanding style.

1 Way to Run the Show.
Choose from our AURA™ Original IR Dual Handheld Remote.

Top Features Of the AURA Engine Bay Lighting Kit: 

  • [STAND OUT FROM THE HERD] 3-in-1 SmartColor Advanced Technology LEDs provide superior brightness than standard LEDs. Exclusive design makes your lights dance to the music every time the bass hits, so you can always lead the party.
  • [MULTI-COLOR MODES & FUNCTIONS] Personalize your engine bay with infinite color and distinct light shows, including dimmer, speed control, strobe, color-cycle and soundsync.
  • [FLEXIBLE & DURABLE] AURA LED strips are made with IP67 waterproof and completely silicone-sealed material to ensure long lasting. Flexible strip allows you to arbitrarily bend it, curve it, shape the light strip that fits your set up!
  • [EASY INSTALLATION] Our kit features everything you need to make your ride stand out! Inline fuse power harness allows a direct battery connection and a protected power pull so you don't need to worry about an overdrawn on voltage. Hold on tight with strong adhesive and zip ties provided. It ain't going anywhere!
  • [1-YEAR-WARRANTY] Backed up with US Customer Support, OPT7 will always stand behind you.

Your Color, Your Way. 
Roll with any theme you want. Whether it's to match your rims or rep your favorite sports team's colors, the choice is yours with 16 different custom colors at the push of a button.

Brightness On Demand.
Whether you want daytime bright or something more subtle, discover your ideal hue with our included dimmer. 4 feet/8 feet worth of SmartColor™ LED strips make your ride glow like never before.

Built Tough. Built for the Road.
AURA LED Strips are built to last. Constructed and filled with dense silicone. Our kits are designed to protect against road debris, moisture and anything life can throw at it.

IMPORTANT: The LED connectors are not waterproof. You will need to use a heat shrink tube or electrical tape around the LED connectors to ensure the longevity of the lighting kit.

E-Z Programming 
Once installed, easily select the color and pattern you want with our one feature-rich E-Z Remote.

  • Endless color selections
  • Brightness dimming selections
  • On the E-Z Remote, our modes are: Solid, Single Color Strobes, Multi-Color Fade, Multi-Color Cycle, and SoundSync.
  • Door-Assist-Entry (To use this feature, you must connect the AUX wire on the control box) will light up white upon door open.

Protected in all 4 Seasons. 
AURA Engine Bay Kits are built to last and shine through all types of weather thanks to IP67 rated silicone. Also comes with complete 1-Year OPT7 Warranty.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This product is intended to be connected as is, you may add our expansion kits; however, it should not exceed more than 1 AURA kit + 1 AURA Single Row Expansion kit.

Automotive Adhesive Tape
Our premium strip kits use strong binding tape for a lasting hold you can trust.

Tip on applying adhesive LED strips securely:
1. To prep the area you wish to mount the LED Strip. Wash the installation point with warm water, then wipe it dry.
2. Dampen a clean cloth in warm water, then scrub the surface to remove debris. Any grime left behind could prevent the LEDs from sticking, so thoroughly clean the surface until it's free of dirt and scuff marks.
3. Remove any moisture left over with a clean, dry cloth or give the surface 30 minutes to air dry. Next, use the adhesive booster that we provide to wipe the area for a ready to stick surface.
4. Peel the adhesive backing off and press the LEDs in place. LED lights are like stickers, so wait until you're ready to put them on the wall before pulling the backing off. It's best to do this a little at a time. Start at one end of the surface, peeling the backing off of the initial LED light. Position it, press it flat by hand, then continue placing the rest of the strip. Take your time. Make sure the LEDs are in the right place so you don't have to move them later.

Warranty Covered:
Includes our free 1 Year Warranty (starting from the order date)

Installation Guide
AURA Original Engine Bay LED Installation Guide - HERE

CA Residents:  WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -