OPT7 Full-Width Strip Cross LED Tail Light with Sequential Red or Yellow Signal for 12th Gen 09-14 Ford F150 (Inspired from New Ford F-150 Lighting)

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Revolutionize the 12th Gen 09-14 Ford F150 with the OPT7 Full-Width Strip Cross LED Tail Light, inspired by the contemporary 2023 Ford F-150 Lighting design.

This custom-created tail light bar integrates seamlessly with your vehicle's existing tail light aesthetics, featuring a continuous, full-width strip that amplifies the truck's appearance with a sleek, unified look.

Enhanced Safety & Visibility:
Synchronize with the vehicle's original tail light dynamics for increased signal recognition. This enhancement is crucial in low-visibility conditions such as fog or rain, significantly boosting safety and assurance on the road.

Premium Construction:
Constructed from robust ABS+PC materials, this tail light bar is waterproof, wear-resistant, and remarkably durable. Equipped with efficient LED light diodes, it offers low energy consumption and high-intensity brightness, making it a dependable upgrade for the vehicle.

Simple Installation:
The plug-and-play, non-destructive installation process is user-friendly, allowing for quick enhancements to the vehicle’s appearance without any adverse effects.

Dynamic Startup Mode:
Experience a unique welcome show automatically upon startup or when the door is unlocked, adding an eye-catching and distinctive effect to the vehicle.

Customizable Turn Signal Mode:
Features dynamic sequential lights for left and right turns, with options for static or sequential signals in both red and yellow, allowing for personalized functionality.

Consistent Driving Mode:
The tail light stays constantly illuminated while driving light in on, in sync with the original vehicle lights for a cohesive and stylish look.

The OPT7 Full-Width Strip Cross LED Tail Light is more than just an aesthetic upgrade for the Ford F150 truck. It's an integration of style, enhanced safety, and advanced technology, designed to bring out the best in this vehicle. This tail light bar is an essential upgrade for any Ford F150 owner seeking to combine utility with unparalleled style.

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