XP-1 LED 7-Inch Round Projector Halo Headlight Pair

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Get That Halo Effect At A Fraction Of The Cost.

The XP-1 LED 7-inch Halo Projector Headlights are the easiest way to increase your lighting performance and get that high-end "halo" day-time running light effect. These headlights have integrated low beams, high beams, and daytime running lights which makes them a direct replacement for any vehicle with round 7-inch headlight housings.  This kit have been proven to provide 400% MORE LIGHT than stock setups. Plus it comes with a standard 2 year warranty, what else could you ask for?

XP-1 LED Halo Projector Headlights

Affordable Next-Generation Headlights.

Upgrade your ride, don't miss out on the evolution in automotive lighting; the XP-1 LED Projector Headlight. Boosts your night vision over 100+ yards. Imagine seeing the length of an entire football field ahead of you at 70mph. You'll never miss anything again. Light up signs, cars, and creatures! Plus, add some sick style with the built-in Eclipse Halo LED ring. This create an awesome ring of glowing white light that gives your ride some extra flair.

HALO day time running headlights

Take Back The Night!

Upgrade your vehicle headlight with the XP-1 Complete Projector LED kit and experience night driving as if the sun never went down. Low beam, high beam, and DRL, the XP-1 has it all.

7 inch headlight replacements

Touchdown With The Sun Down!

When blasting over 4x more light and 2x as wide a light spread, you're lighting up over 150 yards of road. Imagine seeing the length of an entire football field ahead of you at 9:00pm. You'll never miss anything again. Light up signs, cars, and creatures!

Not Only Brighter, But Safer Too!

Brilliant 6000K "Daylight Blue" light mimics natural daylight color, reducing eye strain and keeping you alert during your next midnight run. In addition, the built-in projector lens keeps the light on the road and out of oncoming driver's eyes. You'll never have to worry about blinding anyone with your awesome lighting.

XP-1 led projector headlight warranty

A Million Mile Lifetime!

You'll never need to replace an XP-1. Featuring a scratch and fade resistant EverclearTM lens, a heavy-duty military-grade aluminum body, an IP67 Waterproof sealant, and 50,000 hr rated LED, the XP-1 will outlast your car.

bolt on halo headlight install

Bolt-On Installation!

Made to replace any 7" headlight housing or enclosure. Also, replaces any H6024 sealed beam headlights. Works on Jeeps and any other vehicle that commonly uses this bulb size. Updating a classic car? The XP-1 is even compatible with classic and vintage vehicles too.

drl driver

Includes Everything, We Mean Everything! 

Fully retrofit your entire headlight housing. Built-in low beam, high beam, and even daytime running lights. Also includes H13-H4 adapters and a set of error cancellors capacitors. The XP-1 truly is ready to impress right outa the box.

Product Specifications:

  • Powered By: FluxBeam™ LED Board and our Exclusive Arc-Beam™ Technology.
  • Driver: OPT7's Exclusive ASIC-X Customer LED Driver.
  • LED Color: 6000K (Natural Daylight).
  • Lumens Per Lamp: 3,638lm for Low Beams, 7106lm for High Beams.
  • Wattage Per Lamp: 40w for Low Beams, 80w for High Beams.
  • Voltage: 8-32v.
  • Build: Die-Cast Aluminum Heatsink
  • Replaces: H6024 PAR56.
  • Projector Ready: Yes.
  • Plug'n'Play: Yes, with Included H13 to H4 Adapters.
  • Certifications: IP67 Waterproof, RoHS Compliant.
  • Kit Includes: Two XP-1 Replacement Headlamps, two Capacitors, Eclipse Halo DRL Driver and two H13 to H4 Adapters.
  • Warranty: 2 Years.

CA Residents:  WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -