THE VAULT: Will My HID or LED Headlights Blind Other Drivers?

Posted by Vivian C. on 31st Jul 2018


Are my HID or LED headlights going to blind other drivers?


If your car has projector housings, this isn’t something you need to worry about. Projector housings work well with aftermarket lighting because the housings come with rungs that cut off glare and focus illumination forward in straight, clean beams.

As reflector housings are designed for 55w halogens and their lower output, adding more light may cause a slightly more glare-y effect. This is due to the stronger light bouncing off reflector housings’ curved mirrors and scattering in more directions. However, we have no intention of casting reflector housings in a bad light (pun absolutely intended). Our OPT7 Customer Support Team – yup, we actually use real people and not automated messages for that – has recorded very few incidents of anyone reporting a glare problem. And we’ve been around for quite a while.

Moral of the story…if you want HID or LED headlights, get ‘em! 

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