THE VAULT: How do I find the right bulbs for my car?

Posted by Vivian C. on 31st Jul 2018


How do I find the right bulbs for my car?


No one wants to be the guy who orders a kit that doesn’t fit. Luckily, we have all the info you need to prevent that from happening.

Kits are sold by bulb size; whether you’re trying to replace your headlightsfog lights, or tail lights, you’ll need to know what bulb sizes you’re looking for. Your vehicle owner’s manual has that information, so simply check in there if you still have it.

Lost your owner’s manual? (Don’t worry, that’s most of us.) You can search up your car year/make/model on the Philips site, which has a comprehensive list of all cars and their bulb sizes. 

Here’s the link to that:

Some helpful tips…If you drive a newer car, it most likely has a single beam headlight – this means you headlight upgraders need to get separate, different bulb sizes for your high beams and low beams. If your car is older, you likely have a “dual beam” headlight, which means you’ll only need to find one bulb size for your headlight.

Also, don’t assume you know what sizes all your bulbs are if you only know what size your high beams are – most likely, your low beams and fog lights aren’t the same bulb size as your high beams.

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