Tailgate Takeover – Get to Know the Redline Series

Tailgate Takeover – Get to Know the Redline Series

Posted by Vivian C. on 2nd Jul 2018

If you’re looking to revamp your truck with a tailgate LED bar that has all the functions you need and doesn’t look cheesy, the name “Redline” should be at the top of your wish list. As the experts behind Redline, we thought we’d give you the breakdown on each kit in the top-selling trio, so you can make sure you’re getting the best kit for you.

1. Redling FLX - Tailgate LED

What’s the difference between the original and the flexible version? We’re gonna answer that once and for all right here, right now – function-wise, Redline FLX pretty much has you covered to the same degree that the Original Redline does. Its 60” version contains a few less LEDs than the corresponding Original version (the 60” Original features 96 LEDs, while FLX has 90), but the flexible design of FLX more than overrides that fact for those who are seeking a strip that bends and conforms to different surfaces.

Basically, if you’re seeking LED light strips for trucks that don’t necessarily go on the tailgate, or if you want an extra set of LED tail lights on your rounded bumper, the Redline FLX is the kit for you. It’s also the most affordably priced kit in the series, making it a great option for those upgrading their rides on a budget.

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2. Redline - Tailgate LED

The Original Redline gives the people what they want. No more dim, grainy video from your back-up camera – the bright white glow in Redline’s reverse mode floods your rear view with illumination. And to ward off the people who drive like maniacs in bad weather conditions, skid way too close to you, and really should get their license taken away? Redline’s red-glowing strip intensifies when you hit your brake and splits into left- and right-side flash mode when you activate your turn signals. (Realistically, people will still drive like shit even if you have a Redline Tailgate Bar, but now they have no excuse for “not seeing” you.)

For those curious about the design, the Original Redline consists of 72 or 96 ALPHA LEDs (depending on whether you choose the 48” or 60” version), which live up to their macho name with 35% more intense illumination than normal LEDs. No need for a separate heavy-duty off-road tailgate light if you have Redline – these premium LEDs are kept sealed away from the elements with airtight, waterproof silicone and housed in a sturdy, rust-resistant aluminum bar. You won’t be wasting any sweat on installation either; the peel-and-stick adhesive backing fixes to your vehicle with no drilling required, and the solid bar design ensures the strip goes on perfectly straight.

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3. Redline Triple - Tailgate LED

Not to toot our own horn, but Redline Triple is the best tailgate light available on the market right now. (Seriously. We wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t true.)

A triple row of LEDs packs a punch of intense illumination with 780 LEDs on the 48” model and 1,200 LEDs on the 60”. Going back to our war on terrible drivers, the Redline Triple will theoretically give you 3X more stopping power than the other kits when you hit the brakes. And aesthetically speaking, the Redline Triple is an unrivalled knock-out. The extra-tight spacing of these LEDs results in a thick, solid beam of light – a sleek modern look that makes your truck stand out from others that have the traditional dotted-line light bar. Additionally, the left- and right-side turn signal modes on Redline Triple feature a fancy “1-2-3” sequential flash that as far as we know, no one else has.

To summarize, if you only want the best of the best, you’ll hit the jackpot with the Redline Triple Tailgate Bar.

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