OPT7's Off-road Lighting Guide

OPT7's Off-road Lighting Guide

Posted by Vivian C. on 12th Mar 2018

The weather’s warming up, and we’re all getting pumped for off-road season – including the excitement of adding some hot new lighting upgrades! For those of you considering how to prep your ride for the trails, we’ve compiled your full range of options here (complete with insider tips).

Rock Lights

IDEAL FOR: Rock-crawlers crushing treacherous terrain

MAIN FUNCTION: Rock Lights are normally placed inside the wheel well above the tires, where they blast light directly onto the ground below the vehicle. This provides a “cushion” of illumination beneath the vehicle that allows you to see exactly what you’re plowing through. Other rock crawlers opt to place them under the carriage, front, and/or back bumpers. Doing a show? Rock Lights function as a great aesthetic under body kit as well!

Pod Lights

IDEAL FOR: Fast ‘n flashy dune riders

MAIN FUNCTION: These eye-catching auxiliary lights come in square and round styles and can be placed atop your vehicle, on your front grille, or on your side mirrors. Pod Lights differ from Rock Lights in that Pod Lights project illumination forward at a wider angle in comparison to the downwards “flashlight” effect of Rock Lights. Pod Lights are highly recommended for those who require farther light throw and/or directional lighting, such as prerunner truck racers tackling rough desert terrain.

Light Bars

IDEAL FOR: Hard-core off-roaders who aren’t afraid to invest

MAIN FUNCTION: The true marker of a serious off-road vehicle, the original Light Bar hasn’t lost its appeal despite its higher price tag and trickier setup. Off-road vets and experienced upgraders are willing to tackle installation for the solid durability and unmatched, brilliant projection (up to 28,000 Lumens) that Light Bars offer. Choose a curved bar for wider coverage, or a straight bar for narrower, more focused illumination.

Tailgate Bar

IDEAL FOR: Leaders of the pack

MAIN FUNCTION: Aside from adding a sleek custom look to any truck, Tailgate Bars are great for safety purposes. Off-roaders equipped with a Tailgate Bar can confidently lead an expedition, knowing their reverse, brake, and turn signals are ultra-enhanced to the rest of the crew behind them. Even when just cruising solo on the freeway, rocking a Tailgate Bar gives you maximized visibility to others, ensuring that other drivers can see you, keep a safe distance, and be aware of your intended direction.

Cab/Rooftop Running Lights

IDEAL FOR: Deep wilderness and rural country explorers

MAIN FUNCTION: Truck Cab Lights are most commonly associated with official authority or heavy-duty diesel trucks. However, their visibility from miles away also designate them as great auxiliary lights for anyone expecting to brave dangerous, middle-of-nowhere environments. Rescue teams will find you much sooner if they can spot you from overhead! On a cross-country trek? These lights also function as “clearance lights,” giving you a visual indicator of whether your vehicle will fit through an underpass, or where the end of your trailer is if you have one hitched to your truck.

As an off-roader, you have your own unique style and set of needs – we hope we’ve shed some light (get it?) on the options you have when personalizing your vehicle. Keep in mind that safety and functionality is always top priority when tackling the outdoors! Want to read more off-roading content or insider information on other topics? 

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