Garage Tours: @Bigsexy_f2

Posted by Vivian C. on 27th Jul 2018

Who’s driving what and where? Welcome to Garage Tours, where we shine the spotlight on you and other automotive enthusiasts around the country. Up this week…

JAKE GENTRY, IG: @bigsexy_f2

Introduce yourself and your ride:

“I’m Jake Gentry, and I’m 21 years old from Calhoun, GA. I work in HVAC, but my passion is building trucks. This is my 2012 F250 – dependable and fun to drive.”

What are some modifications and upgrades you’ve done to your car?

“Got the 8-inch Superlift with Fuel Cleaver Wheels and the Nitto Trail Grapplers. My LED fog lights and tailgate bar are from OPT7.”

What would you say to visitors and fellow car enthusiasts?

“Please come meet up! It’s a great area. Build your vehicle, and make it your own.”