Fluxbeam LED Headlight H11 Bulb Installation

Posted by Vivian C. on 3rd May 2018

Got a FluxBeam LED Headlight Kit on the way? Did you purchase H11 bulbs? You’re in the right place – this blog post and video is going to show you what you should expect to receive in your package, how those parts connect, and the easy installation that will get you back behind the wheel in no time.

If you’ve been driving with stock halogen headlights until now, trust us – you’re going to wonder why you didn’t make the switch to LED headlights sooner. A quality LED conversion kit like the OPT7 FluxBeam Original will improve your driving visibility with up to 5X more intense illumination than stock halogens, not to mention it’s an effortless plug-and-play install that will keep you cruising replacement-free for years.

What’s in the LED converter kit box?

1. H11 FluxbBeam LED Bulb (Pair)

2. LED Drivers (Pair)

3. Bulb size specific plug adapter, or "plug and play wires" (Pair)

4. Capacitors (Pair)

To set up the set prior to installing, connect the LED bulb to the LED driver, then the capacitor, plug adapter altogether. 

Note, only use the capacitors IF you’re experiencing flickering or error message. 

Once you are done, remove the existing stock bulbs from the vehicle and keep in your glove compartment for backup by following these steps:

Remove the headlight cover/dust cover.

Locate the stock bulbs and twist it counter clock wise to unscrew.

Detach the wires from the bulb.

Remove original light bulb and keep in your glove compartment for backup bulbs.

Plug in the plug and play (plug adapter) wire from the light set.

Place Fluxbeam headlight into the slot and turn clock wise to secure.

Place the wiring into the headlight housing.

Place the dust cover back to its original place and secure.

All done!

Thanks for following along! We’re pumped for you to try your new FluxBeams, and we’d love for you to share your photos and experiences with us online by tagging @opt7lighting / #opt7 – see you in the next video.

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Warning: OPT7 is not liable for damages, injuries, or death while installing the featured product and assumes no responsibility for improper installation. Please seek professional assistance if you are inexperienced with aftermarket upgrades.

Fluxbeam Original LED Headlight manual: