Ask the Experts: Debunking the LED Lifespan Myth

Posted by Vivian C. on 19th Jan 2018

So how long are your LED upgrades really going to last you?

Dabbling in aftermarket lighting used to be a dangerous gamble – either you gritted your teeth and took the hit to your wallet for the few established, high-priced products available, or you looked for something affordable at the risk of it completely failing within a few weeks (even days). Yes, those were dark times, and we’ve certainly come a long way since then in terms of raising the general standard for LED lighting. However, now that the market has become slightly more approachable, many sellers with little knowledge of lighting design have been pushing out products with unproven facts and unrealistically optimistic standards in order to be competitive.

At OPT-7, we believe it is our duty as leaders in the industry to spread honest information to our fellow automotive enthusiasts. Going back to our question – how long your LED upgrades will last – you may be assuming somewhere around 50,000 hours. After all, that’s what a quick Google search regarding LED lifespan will turn up for you. Technically speaking, 50,000 hours is an accurate estimate of how long just an LED itself will last. But there are many other components besides the LEDs in a headlight, fog light, or pretty much any other aftermarket lighting product you purchase. Put simply, the other parts and materials of a light aside from the LEDs are not going to last 50,000 hours – and it is a very misleading marketing line that has unfortunately become commonplace in our industry.

If you want to know how long your LED upgrades will last on your vehicle – the whole upgraded piece, not just the LEDs inside – a more accurate estimate would be by hours. But why don’t you see anyone advertising their LED products with this correct lifespan? It’s quite easy to analyze – many sellers are simply copying the most impressive claims they see their competitors pushing out, and it is understandably difficult for the few that are in the know to be competitive if they choose not to match these numbers in their advertising.

So what can you do with this information about the true lifespan of LED upgrades? You can shop for your own lighting upgrades in a smarter way and help debunk the general myth surrounding LED lifespan by helping others navigate the market in a more informed way as well.

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