AURA PRO Bundle- Underglow + Grille + V2 Interior

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OPT7 AURA PRO Bundle Underglow/Underbody + Grille 12" +  V2 LED Interior w/Navigation


1 Way To Run The Show!
Choose from the ALL NEW AURA Pro™ LED Bluetooth App Enabled Phone Controller. (iOS & Android Compatible)

 Features of The All NEW Optimized AURA PRO V2 APPs.
  • AURAMAP™ - Market’s only LED Smart Navigation and Speed Based Lighting.
  • Now control up to iOS 6 or Android, 4 AURA Bluetooth Kits at the same time to 1 smartphone device.
  • Updated Exclusive Door Assist™
  • 2x+ the distance than any other Bluetooth on the market.
  • Connectively Pass Through Chipset- Don’t let where you install the control box affect your connectivity like other Bluetooth kits.
  • SoundSync – Exclusive Bass Match
  • Endless Color Selections
  • In App access to Live Support and OPT7 Store
  • Voice Activated to use for a hands-free experience
  • AURAMAP – First ever navigation based LED lighting warning and alert system.
  • Allows In-App navigation that provides led signaled turn by turn directions. (don’t let the voice commands fool you again)
  • Speed Sensor Lighting- allows you to preset speed limits you want a LED signal for.
  • Custom Mappings- allows you to choose color/timing/speed/distance for how you want your OPT7 lighting to engage.
AURA PRO V2 Compatibility:
  • Only compatible with AURA Products using a flat 4-pin connector type
  • Only compatible with AURA Pro Connect app
AURA PRO V2 Interior with Navigation Includes Kit Includes:
  • 1 x AURA Pro v2 Interior Bluetooth Control Box
  • 2 x Y-Splitter
  • 1 x 12 Volt - Cigarette Power Adapter
  • 3 x Variations Plug-n-Go Fuse Tap Connectors
  • 4 x 12" LED Strips with Adhesive Back
  • 2 x 5ft & 2 x 10ft Strip Extension Wire(4PC)
  • 1 x 10ft Hardware Power Harness
  • 1 x Pack of Mounting Kit and Zip Ties
  • 4 x Velcro Sticky Pads
  • 1 x Adhesive Booster
AURA PRO™ Underglow Lighting Kit Includes:
  • 1 x AURA PRO™ Bluetooth Control Box
  • 1 x 10ft In-line Fuse Hardware Power Harness
  • 1 x Mounting Pack of Screws and Zip Ties
  • 2 x 36" Underglow LED Bar (extension wire on the bar)
  • 2 x 48" Underglow LED Bar (extension wire on the bar)
AURA PRO™ Grille Lighting Kit Includes:
  • 1 x AURA PRO™ Bluetooth Control Box
  • 1 x 10ft In-line Fuse Hardware Power Harness
  • 1 x Mounting Pack of Screws and Zip Ties
  • 4 x 12" AURA LED Strip
  • 4 x 10ft Extension Wires
In this bundle, the kits will include:
Full Color Spectrum with SmartColor™ LEDs.

AURA™ are made with SmartColor™ LEDs. Our revolutionary LED design combines Micro-LEDs of all 3 primary colors into a single SMD (Surface Mounted Device). This allows a perfect mixture of color at the micro level, emitting a more pure, brilliant light color.

Built Tough. Built for the Road.

AURA LED Strips are built are last. Our kits are designed to protect against road debris, moisture and anything life can throw at it.

Safe & Neat Installation
18w gauge inline fuse power harness which allows you to use the battery direct connection. This allows a direct battery and a protected power pull so you don't need to worry about an over-drawn on voltage. Safe & neatly done guarantee!


Proprietary Scalable Technology!
Our custom build app means we've got a ton of features down the road that you will benefit from as we update the app and our control box has been engineered to handle that ahead of time.

  • Endless color selections
  • Brightness dimming selections
  • On the OPT7 Connect APP, our modes are: Solid, Strobe, Color Fade, SoundSync
  • Door-Assist-Entry (Light upon door open)

- Ability to control up to 4 Aura™ LED Kits at once
- App is downloadable for iOS and Android users
- The AURA PRO™ App was built, designed, and developed by our team and we keep the APP updated with the newest features


 - Backed by OPT7's 1-Year Warranty.
 - Got questions, issues, or concerns?
 * Reach out to our Customer Support Team by emailing , and we’ll respond to your email within 1-2 business days

Installation Guide.

AURA™ PRO Bluetooth Underglow Lighting Kits Installation Guide-CLICK HERE
AURA™ PRO Bluetooth Grille Led Kits Installation Guide-CLICK HERE
AURA™ PRO V2 Interior Bluetooth Single Row Kits Installation Guide-CLICK HERE
AURA Door Assist/ AUX Wiring Installation Guide-CLICK HERE

CA Residents:  WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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