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xMount Series: Cree LED Pods

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Product Description

Big Power - Compact Design

The OPT7 xMount Cree LED Pods are the brightest and most versatile lights in the 'compact auxiliary lighting' market. Its intensely bright lights, compact design and efficient cooling design make it the ideal lighting solution for trucks, boats, road bikes and ATVs. The use of advanced brightåª Cree LEDs reduces power consumption while projecting a crisp and clear light.

Xmount led pod lights

3-Way Adjustable xMOUNTåª Bracket

Customization has never been more fluid. Our xMOUNT bracket are 3-way adjustable. This gives you the freedom to customize mounting locations and lighting angles. 

whats included with xmount pod lights

Adjusts 45 Degrees Vertically

Get that perfect angle, with our ingenious mounting system.

adjustable pod lighting

QuickFinåª Cooling Design
Heat is the biggest contributor to faulty off-road lighting. To combat the heat, we've built the heatsink with heat-treated aluminum for optimal cooling. Extended cooling fins quickly disperses heat while allowing cool air to flow through the heatsink. The reduction in heat puts less stress on the LEDs resulting in a brighter, longer lasting shine. Our LED Pods have a life expectancy of 50,000+ hours.

cooling for off-road lights

Heavy-Duty Construction

Our standard for our off-road products has always been about durability and reliability. We've designed and stress tested our products for real world situations to ensure they're stand up to anything adventure can throw at you.

  • Powder coated aluminum surface makes it resistant to corrosion.
  • Thick aluminum mounting bracket ensures these bars stay attached should you find yourself in a rollover.
  • IP67 Rated against the outdoors.
  • Completely sealed and protected against dust.
  • Waterproof up to 1 meter of water for 30 minutes.

Real World Tested. Adventurist Approved. 

Product Videos

InstaJeepThing Jeep Gear Spotlight: OPT7 C2 50" LED Light Bar 01:00

A quick video summary of our Opt7 C2 50" LED Light Bar install and trail test with our Jeep Wrangler TJ "Project Lil Fighter". For more details check out the full feature at www.instajeepthing.com For more info on OPT7's extensive line of quality automotive lighting check out www.opt-7.com

  • InstaJeepThing...
    A quick video summary of our Opt7 C2 50" LED Light Bar install...

Product Reviews

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  1. 110% Happy with product

    Posted by James Mullenax on 20th Oct 2016

    Great product for the price.

  2. Motorcycle retrofit

    Posted by EARider on 15th Oct 2016

    I retrofit this to my Hona CTX700 on the Russian made crash bars I had ordered.
    The end result is very bright but focused beams of light giving me exceptionally good coverage of the road when augmented by my primary headlight (also an Opt7 LED headlight).
    I had to cobble together random pieces from the local hardware store, stuff like pipe clamps originally intended for ground rods, some 1/4" thick stainless steel strap material, lock washers, bolts and so on.

    The harness wasn't as useful as OPT7 thought it would be but at least it was shrink wrapped and they thought to include some seals around the two connectors. The lights stay icy cold whether I am stationary or not.
    I had wanted to mount these up top on my fairing but I am short on time and lacking the necessary tools to make my own brackets for this purpose (they don't exist i've checked, so far i'm the only person who's attempted it or thought of it).

    Prepping for a 2400 mile ride, and these should help a lot at night. Pics of the project available on instagram or flickr.

  3. Perfect!

    Posted by Anugrah Mathew on 29th Feb 2016

    Looks amazing on my 2007 Nissan Xterra. Absolutely gorgeous and ridiculously bright! However, I should mention that there was a slight damage on the mount itself that looked like it was deformed but I fixed with a hammer.

  4. So far good

    Posted by Unknown on 12th Jan 2016

    I just received my lights and got them mounted and so far they seem pretty bright the wiring harness is real nice and makes the tasks of hooking them up alot better.

  5. Don't let the size fool you

    Posted by Scott Turnage on 13th Dec 2015

    These little lights are very impressive. Not only are they really bright for their size, but they have a tight beam pattern as well. Many of the LED lights my friends have tried out looked really bright but had little to no beam pattern which rendered the light useless. These lights are a choice you will not regret.

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