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Warranty Terms & Conditions


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General Warranty Terms & Conditions


Standard Warranty Terms:

  • OPT7 does not ship replacement product(s) for new orders or warranty exchanges until the original product(s) are returned; we do offer partial part(s) replacements (see warranty terms below based on the product(s) purchased)

  • OPT7 is not liable for any costs related to installation or removal of our products. 

  • OPT7 highly recommends that the original lighting solution be removed and stored away for safe keeping

  • All return costs associated with warranty exchanges are assigned to the buyer

  • All new product(s) & new shipping costs associated with warranty exchange replacement product(s) shipment(s) are covered by OPT7; if shipped within the domestic US or Canada

  • The warranty coverage does not offer an upgrade service

  • The warranty coverage is non-transferable

  • Valid proof-of-purchase from OPT7 required to file a claim

  • If a OPT7 product(s) is refunded in full by OPT7 support or the support team of the web store where the OPT7 product was originally sold; the associated warranty is void

  • THE WARRANTY DOES NOT PROVIDE A REFUND SERVICE; all OPT7 product are covered by a 60-Day return period. Thereafter, a store credit would be considered on a case by case basis

  • If the purchased item(s) are shipped to a freight forwarder and subsequently shipped out of the domestic US the warranty terms are void. We will still assist you with any inquiries or products issues; however, you may be subject to additional cost or fees to process any approved warranty claims

  • OPT7 does not cover shipping, handling, customs fees or associated tariffs for warranty claim shipments to international addresses. OPT7 does cover the new part(s) or product but the associated costs are assigned to the buyer or claimer.
  • Warranty coverage terminates if you sell or otherwise transfer the Product. Product that has been thrown away or dispose voids the warranty. All product(s) requires the original unit to be returned; therefore, disposal of the original product(s) voids the warranty.
  • Warranty Limitations: Obvious misuse, abuse, or otherwise destructive physical evidence. Damaged caused by intrusion of water or other liquid materials causing electronic failure or physical corrosion. Any damage to the circuit board, headlight housing or wiring is NOT covered under warranty.

  • The Warranty period begins on the day of purchase

  • The Warranty period does not reset for any reason

  • OPT7 is not liable for any damage, cost, loss or injury arising from the use of any of our products directly or indirectly. It is the responsibility of the customer to determine the risks associated with the  product purchased and it's use; as it relates, to the vehicle into which it is being installed. 

  • We strongly recommend you research and review your local, county and state traffic laws to determine whether the product purchased is street legal.  

Part Service:
If you experience a product problem, we promise to do our best to fix the issue by shipping a replacement part(s); some troubleshooting may be requested. We do this to ensure the part(s) we ship you will fix the reported problem.

  • We reserve the right to ask for the original part(s) to be returned to us
  • If the needed part(s) is not available a Warranty Exchange claim will be filed
  • In some cases, we may ship an upgraded or re-designed part(s), components or product(s) when the original version is not available
  • Shipping costs(s) are covered per the “Warranty Terms
  • If the majority of the part(s) needs to be replaced, OPT7 reserve the right to the claim be filed as an Exchange

Exchange Service:
If troubleshooting is not possible, the results do not determine the proper part(s) to be replace under the “Part Service”, OPT7 prefer to replace any OPT7 product for the period of the disclosed warranty period upon receipt of an approval of any valid Exchange Service Claim

  • Return shipping & all associated costs including removal are assigned to the claimant
  • New product(s) cost is covered by OPT7
  • New shipping cost is covered by OPT7 per the “Warranty Terms"


Free Support Forever: OPT7 always provides free support and assistance to any customer. If your warranty has expired, you will continue to receive free service, and we will assist you in determining a solution or possible repair to any issues you might be having with our products.


Off-Road LED Bar/Pod Lighting Warranty:

90-Day Unlimited Warranty


Our AURA™ LED Product Lighting Kit has a 1 year warranty from the original order date.


2-Year Limited Redline LED Tailgate Prime Warranty

In additional to the amazing OPT7 Warranty, customers are able to purchase the Prime Warranty which is an upgrade of the Standard Warranty for ONLY the Redline LED Tailgate Light Bar.

  • To set up the Prime Warranty, please provide the information to our support team
  • Redline Tailgate Order #
  • Prime Warranty Order #
  • Prime Warranty is an ADD ON PURCHASE, an UPGRADE from the Standard Warranty
  • Prime Warranty does not extend the original order date from the Tailgate LED Bar

We now offer the FluxBeam LED Conversion Kit Line Prime Warranty Service which is an upgrade of the Standard Warranty for a selection of our kits. 

  • Fill out the Fluxbeam Warranty Claim Form and provide your Prime Order # in the form
  • Immediate shipment (USPS Priority) upon approval of a brand new LED Conversion kit upon submission of an approved Warranty Claim on a qualified LED Kit; all packaging and returns cost covered by OPT7. 
  • Does not included installation or uninstallation costs for the LED Conversion Kit
  • Prime Warranty does not extend the original order date of the Prime Warranty Purchase


All OPT7 Fluxbeam CORE, Original and X LED Conversion Kits come with a free limited warranty: *File a claim here



** All product(s) line(s) not listed above likely carry a warranty of some kind. For more information contact OPT7 support, thank you!




For all questions concerning our Exchange & Warranty Policy please contact us at support@opt-7.com or fill out our contact form, one of our friendly staff will answer you within 24 business hours. For immediate response you can chat with us during our business hours and we will be glad to answer your questions.