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Redline Triple LED Tailgate Light Bar with Reverse & Sequential Turn Signals

$79.99 OPT7 Free Shipping

Product Description

3X More Stopping Power Than The Standard Redline.

The Ultimate In Tailgate Lighting: Command attention with every signal. Bombard those behind you with a volley of 1200 powerful LED's (or 780 on the 48" model). Three complete rows of lights dedicated to maximizing your pickup's presence with an attractive and unique beam of light.

Exclusive "1-2-3" Sequential Turn Signals.

While other tailgate turn signals are just a standard "blink", the Triple Stack gives your truck a distinctive and sporty look with "1-2-3" Sequential amber turn signals. The same style used by a certain American-made muscle car and only offered by Redline.

Go Ahead, Take It To The Lake.

A lot of folks claim to be waterproof, but Redline actually is. Using a rust-resistant aluminum body and an IP67 waterproof silicone, Redline is protected end to end from any sand, dirt, dust, snow, or water.

Can Handle a Minnesota Winter.

It's not always sunny in Minnesota, but that's OK! Redline is a built to last even at negative 20 Fahrenheit!

The best part...no drilling required!

Made to be as a simple and strong as possible. Simply peel, prep, press onto your pickup and this add-on is as good as factory installed. Comes with a tough-as-nails adhesive enhancer that increases hold strength over 5x. No need to drill, it ain't goin' anywhere.

Plug 'N' Play Ready

Plugs directly into you 4-way flat trailer adapter for a quick install. (Reverse light may require additional wiring, instructions provided if needed). If you have a 7-way round trailer adapter you will need to get the 7-Way Round Blade to 4-Way Flat Pin AdapterPlanning on doing some towing? Purchase our Y-Splitter and power both your tailgate light bar and the lights on your trailer at the same time.

Product Videos

OPT7 Redline Triple LED Tailgate Light Bar Installation 08:16

Thanks to @Stegggy for installing our Redline Triple LED Tailgate Light Bar. He took the installation to the next level by hiding the wiring behind his bumper. Find yours at: http://www.opt-7.com/redline-triple-led-tailgate-light-bar-with-reverse-sequential-turn-signals/

  • OPT7 Redline T...
    Thanks to @Stegggy for installing our Redline Triple LED Tailg...

Product Reviews

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  1. Great product and Good customer support

    Posted by Terry Haga on 10th Mar 2017

    If you are looking for an eye catching led bar for your truck, this one is definitely a looker. I haven't tried other products but based on the fact that this particular bar has so many l.e.d.'s is why I purchased. It looks AMAZING and installation was easy enough. I would recommend this product and I would also purchase again if ever in the market. I drive a 2016 GMC Sierra 2500HD

  2. New Convert to OPT7 products

    Posted by Mike S on 5th Mar 2017

    On my way to work one morning I spotted a truck with a sequential LED turn signal tailgate light bar. The effect was awesome and I had to find one of those for my 2014 Silverado. A quick Amazon search revealed the OPT7 model I was looking for. It was cheaper to order on the OPT7 website. I received it (very well packaged to prevent bending and breakage). The 6' bar looks great on my truck!

  3. LOVE IT!!!

    Posted by Richard Wallace on 16th Feb 2017

    Awesome light bar. LOVE the way looks and functions. Receiving lots of compliments.

  4. What I was looking for

    Posted by Ian Bardsley on 21st Jan 2017

    Just installed product at first I was worried about the other reviews which mentioned the delay in the turn signals and brake light, but when I saw how the product worked the slight delay was worth it. When I activated the 4-way flashers I was expecting the red brake lights to activate but was pleasantly surprised when I saw that both sequential turn signals activated. A night you might be mistaken for a DOT warning truck.

  5. Best tailgate light bar PERIOD

    Posted by jeremiah wheat on 30th Dec 2016

    High quality construction and easy installation. Just another great product from OPT-7!! Thank you!!

  6. Great light, stands out

    Posted by Doug on 12th Dec 2016

    This light is extremely bright and will definitely make your truck stand out. I bought the 60' because I have a full size truck. Installation is easy, I personally hard wired it into the tail lights so I didn't lose function of the 4 pin connector. The solid red line looks way better than the broke up individual dots you see on most vehicles. My only compliant is the delay, when hitting your brakes it takes about half a second for the brake on the lightbar to light up, same goes with the blinker, it doesn't start until the second. Not a deal breaker if you want that "solid" look.

  7. Looks awesome on my Ram

    Posted by Unknown on 10th Dec 2016

    The light bar is very bright and looks great. The first bar I received, the left turn signal stopped blinking when I stepped on the brake. Contacted Opt 7 and they sent me a replacement. I installed with the clips, so I can access the spare tire, if needed. Installation was easy, but the small wire for reverse doesn't work with the Scotchlocks they give you. I had to cut the truck's wiring to splice it in.

  8. awesome

    Posted by matt on 1st Nov 2016

    great product bright fast ship easy to installl

  9. Best lightbar on the market

    Posted by Unknown on 15th Oct 2016

    I've made a request to the product team to consider manufacturing the same with red signals as most modern trucks all now have red rear facing signals. This amber though is darker then most other bars so it doesn't look bad on a dark truck as my initial concern was. The bar is sturdy and I had to mount utilizing the clips included as Ram has the spare tire access hole placed right in the way of most bars and due to the size of this bar it completely covers the hole. However the clips allow me to remove the bar temporarily in the event of needing access to the hole. The led design looks great and is incredibly bright. Hopefully the build quality and LED life lives up to the claim. Winter is coming and time will tell. Hoping it holds up and if so I have no doubt I'll remain as happy as I am with it now; the first week it's on my truck

  10. Love this!

    Posted by Zach on 4th Oct 2016

    Only truck in town with this bad boy! The sequential turn lights and the bright back up lighting is amazing clean clear and bright!

  11. So far so good

    Posted by Jeremy on 22nd Sep 2016

    I just took delivery of the triple and they're not lying when they say it's bright- it is extremely bright. Wiring was straightforward and it seems like it will stand up to the weather. My only complaint is that the wire for reverse is very weak and frail. It should be more robust because it will be out in the elements. Maybe they can incorporate it into the other wires that are well made and run together as a whip?

  12. Best Tailgate Light Bar I've Seen

    Posted by Jim Fitch on 21st Sep 2016

    The "Redline Triple LED Tailgate Light Bar with Reverse & Sequential Turn Signals" is the best tailgate light bar that I've seen. I purchased it from OPT7 and they packaged it very securely and shipped the bar fast to me. It installed easily and after just a week on my truck, I've gotten several compliments. This has to be the brightest bar available! It looks like a solid line of light with so many LEDs so close together. The red running/brake light is the bottom row of LEDs. The middle row is the white backup light and the top row is the amber turn signals. It works great! The backup light is very bright and much more intense than the standard backup lights on my truck. The sequential turn signals are so cool! There are four sections of LEDs that make up each side signal. They light one section at a time from the center out, staying on until all four are lighted, and they do it at a quick rate, so you get a lot of signals being displayed. I love it! The only problem that I experienced was not due to the light bar but rather my truck's design. I have a 1997 Ford F-150 which has a lip at the bottom of the metal where the bar is attached. The lip provides support but it also forces the bar to rest just a fraction of an inch higher than I'd like it to be located. This causes the top amber turn signal line of LEDs to not be visible to vehicles closely behind my truck. When the distance is increased from behind my truck, the other driver's sight angle lowers and the turn signals become visible. At night, the glow of the turn signals is very visible close up so that helps. Like I said, it's a problem with my truck architecture and not the bar. The backup and running/brake lights are highly visible to all. I really like this bar and I'm very happy that I purchased it. It's unique with it's sequential turn signals and massive amount of LEDs. The bar is extremely bright and very cool!!!

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