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Python Quick-Start 1-Gauge Booster Jumper Cables

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Product Description

Introducing... the Python 1G Jumper Cables. Made For The Long Haul.

Your heavy-duty vehicle is more than just a mode of transportation. When you work with your truck and live life on the road, you deserve equipment that meets your high-power needs.

The OPT7 Python Jumper Cables are the premium heavy-duty booster cables designed for the largest, strongest vehicles on the road and are guaranteed to jump just about anything right away. Armed with 1 gauge of highly conductive full copper wiring, these thick cables surge up to 800 amps of electric current to boost even the largest batteries in an instant.

In addition, you'll never wonder if you got it hooked up properly again. The Python comes with SmartBoost™, a built-in LED indicator that lights up "GREEN" when you have a proper and safe connection or "RED" if it's not. No more guessing, no more sitting and hoping you got it connected right, no more risk of damaging your battery. The safety of you and your vehicle comes first, whether you're jumpstarting your own rig or assisting others.

Too far from the other vehicle? Vehicles don't always die in convenient locations and can sometimes be impossible to move. Fortunately, the 25ft long Python cables are more than long enough to reach a vehicle whether it's parked in front or behind you. Where harsh winters can wipe out anyone's batteries, you'll be equipped to save the day with weatherproof PVC-sealed cables and no-slip rubber grips.

Lastly, your cables are covered by a "no questions asked" 2-year warranty. We stand behind our products 100% and we welcome you to reach out to us with any questions!

Top Features:

  • Instant Diesel Boost: Thick, 800 Amp capacity, full copper wire ensures your rig is back on the road without delay.
  • SmartBoost™ Technology: No more ruined battery! Built-in LED lights up when you have a safe and secure connection.
  • 25ft Of Cable: Long enough to safely rescue a motorist parked in front or even behind you.
  • Built To Last: Weather-Resistant PVC insulation and rubber-covered grips ensure that these cables will last longer than your rig.

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