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Off-Road Lighting Bundle - C1 Light Bar + (2) Cree LED Pods + LED Bar Remote

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Product Description

Light Bar? Check! Dual Light Pods, Check! Wiring Harness, Check! One Wireless Remote to Rule Them All? Check!

This bundle is one of our most popular configurations. Mount the Dual Light Pods as ditch lights, throw the C1 Light Bar on the top of your windshield and you have yourself a proper night-time off-roading vehicle!

What's Included:

C1 Light Bar Highlights

With OPT7 C1 LED light bars, you will never be stuck in the dark again! OPT7 light bars have been shown to produce a 40% brighter light that lasts 258% longer than other bars. The secret is the use of Advanced Bright™ SMD LEDs, engineered to produce the best possible light using 3W of energy per LED. Protecting these LEDs is a IP67-rated Weatherproof aluminum casing with tempered glass to ensure that your LED bar outlast the adventure!

xMount Cree LED Pods Highlights

The OPT7 xMount Cree LED Pods are the brightest and most versatile lights in the 'compact auxiliary lighting' market. Its intensely bright lights, compact design and efficient cooling design make it the ideal lighting solution for trucks, boats, road bikes and ATVs. The use of advanced bright Cree LEDs reduces power consumption while projecting a crisp and clear light.

QuickFin Cooling Design

Heat is the biggest contributor to faulty off-road lighting. To combat the heat, we've built the heatsink with heat-treated aluminum for optimal cooling. Extended cooling fins quickly disperses heat while allowing cool air to flow through the heatsink. The reduction in heat puts less stress on the LEDs resulting in a brighter, longer lasting shine. Our LED Pods have a life expectancy of 50,000+ hours.

Heavy-Duty Construction

Our standard for our off-road products has always been about durability and reliability. We've designed and stress tested our products for real world situations to ensure they're stand up to anything adventure can throw at you.

  • Powder coated aluminum surface makes it resistant to corrosion.
  • Thick aluminum mounting bracket ensures these bars stay attached should you find yourself in a rollover.
  • IP67 Rated against the outdoors.
  • Completely sealed and protected against dust.
  • Waterproof up to 1 meter of water for 30 minutes.

LED Light Bar Wiring Harness with Remote Highlights

When you need light, the last thing you want to worry about is running to activate a switch, especially if the weather turns bad. OPT7's faster, easier remote control harness lets you activate 4 different modes from up to 80 feet away.

Easy Remote Use.

Wireless remote activates 4 different modes from 80 feet away.

Control Three Sets of Lights Remotely!

With a simple touch of a button you will be able to control your vehicle's light bars.

9 Feet of Wiring.

Quickly and easily mount your lights wherever you need them! Simply run the HD Harness from the battery to your desired lighting locations.

Real World Tested. Adventurist Approved.

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