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HID Kit Capacitors Warning Light Cancellors (Pair)

$5.95 OPT7 Free Shipping
SP-1 Pair

Product Description

  • Highly recommended accessory with any OPT7 HID kit.
  • A pair of ECM Warning cancellers fixes most common HID kit issues such as flickering, non-function, or dashboard "Error" codes.
  • Purchase with an OPT7 Wire Relay Harness for maximum effectiveness.

Having trouble with your HID Kit? You may just need a pair of capacitors to get you going. Since most vehicles are not designed for HID lights in mind, they will "pulse" voltage to the HID kits instead of providing a constant flow. This can cause HID kits to flicker, not come on at all, or cause an "error code" on your car dashboard. A pair of OPT7 ECM Capacitors installed with your HID kit will fix these issues. These capacitors work as a conductor and store additional charges for the HID kit when it's not being supplied proper voltage. These keeps the voltage consistent and fixes the "Error" light on the dashboard. Although built specifically for OPT7 HID kits, these capacitors will work with any plug-n-play HID kit and can be installed with an OPT7 HID Relay for maximum effectiveness!

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