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LED Headlight Conversion Kits

FluxBeam LED Headlight Conversion Kits

  • LED Fog Lights.
    $129.99 $89.95

    The powerful 3,500 Lumen FluxBeam LEDs are now available for fog light upgrades! See The Road Clearly Exclusive Arc-Beam Technology - Engineered around the powerful CREE MK-R LED to provide the only LED fog lights with...

  • LED Headlight Kit
    $129.99 $89.95

    The Original FluxBeam LED Headlight Conversion Kit. When you're unwilling to compromise on visibility and affordability, the tried and true FluxBeam LED Headlight Kit is the only way to light the road ahead. However,...

  • LED Headlights For Motorcycles.
    $71.49 $54.95

    Next Generation Motorcycle LED Lighting The powerful OPT7 FluxBeam LEDs with 3,500 lumens are now available for motorcycles! Brighter isn't all that matters. There are endless claims of "ultra bright" motorycle lights,...

  • Bright LED Headlights.
    $142.99 $109.95

    LED Lighting Enhanced by a Factor of X. The next generation of LED lighting is here. Experience true lighting intensity with the newly created FluxBeam X. Cooler Operating Temperatures = Brighter Bulbs Maximum output...

  • Bright LED Headlights for Motorcycles.
    $89.99 $64.95

    Motorcycle Lighting Enhanced! The next generation of motorcycle LED lighting is here. Experience true lighting intensity with the newly created FluxBeam X. Cooler  = Brighter Bulbs Maximum output requires maximum...

  • TIPM Stabilizing Resistor Pair for FluxBeam LED Headlights & AC HID Kits

    Designed for 2007+ Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep Vehicles! This resistor set has been designed to allow our FluxBeam LED Headlight Kits (not compatible with FluxBeam X) and AC HID Kits to work flawlessly with...

  • LED DRL Tube with Turn Signal Mode.
    $39.95 $29.95

    Make a bold statement with lighting that defines your car like no other. OPT7 Fluxbeam™ LED beam technology allows you to mimic high end BMW/Mercedes/Audi's LED lights without breaking the bank.Advanced Glow: Defining...

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