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LED Headlight Conversion Kits

FluxBeam LED Headlight Bulbs

  • Fluxbeam Core High Beam LED Headlight Bulbs Kit
    $79.95 $49.99

      Finally upgrading your stock fog lights to LEDs? It 's about damn time. We've got you covered with our low cost, high performance option - the new FluxBeam® CORE. OPT7 FluxBeam® CORE High...

  • FluxBeam CORE v.2  LED Fog Light Kit
    $79.95 $49.99

      Finally upgrading your stock fog lights to LEDs? It 's about damn time. We've got you covered with our low cost, high performance option - the new FluxBeam»É CORE. OPT7 FluxBeam»É CORE LED Fog Light Bulbs You...

  • FluxBeam CORE v.2 LED Headlights
    $79.95 $49.99

      Finally upgrading your stock halogens to LEDs? It 's about damn time. We've got you covered with our low cost, high performance option - the All New FluxBeam»É CORE v.2  OPT7 FluxBeam»É CORE v.2   ALL NEW...

  • FluxBeam CORE v.2 Motorcycle LED Headlights

        Finally upgrading your bike's stock halogens to LEDs? It 's about damn time. We've got you covered with our low cost, high performance option - the new FluxBeam® CORE. OPT7 FluxBeam® CORE Motorcycle...

  • Bright LED Headlights.
    $142.99 $109.95

    LED Lighting Enhanced by a Factor of X. The next generation of LED lighting is here. Experience true lighting intensity with the newly created FluxBeam® X. Cooler Operating Temperatures = Brighter Bulbs Maximum...

  • Bright LED Headlights for Motorcycles.
    $89.99 $64.95

    Fluxbeam»É X Motorcycle Lighting Enhanced! The next generation of motorcycle LED lighting is here. Experience true lighting intensity with the newly created FluxBeam»É X. Cooler  = Brighter Bulbs Maximum output...

  • LED Headlight Kit
    $102.99 $89.99

    NEW! OPT7 FluxBeam v.2 LED Headlight Kit with Clear Arc Lens™ Bulbs MORE FLUXBEAM V2 JUST RELEASED!  Over 3 years in the making, the FluxBeam v.2 LED headlight outshines the rest by focusing on what's...

  • TIPM Stabilizing Resistor Pair for FluxBeam LED Headlights & AC HID Kits

    Designed for 2007+ Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep Vehicles! This resistor set has been designed to allow our FluxBeam LED Headlight Kits (now compatible with FluxBeam® X and CORE) and AC HID Kits to work...

  • LED DRL Tube with Turn Signal Mode.
    $39.95 $29.95

    Make a bold statement with lighting that defines your car like no other. OPT7 Fluxbeam® LED beam technology allows you to mimic high end BMW/Mercedes/Audi's LED lights without breaking the bank.Advanced Glow: Defining...

  • FluxBeam v.2 LED Fog Light Kit
    $102.99 $89.99

    The powerful 3,500 Lumen FluxBeam® LEDs are now available for fog light upgrades!   See The Road Clearly Exclusive Arc-Beam Technology - Engineered around the powerful CREE MK-R LED to provide the only LED fog...

  • FluxBeam v.2 Motorcycle LED Headlight
    $99.95 $45.99

    Next Generation Motorcycle LED Lighting The powerful OPT7 FluxBeam® LEDs with 3,500 lumens are now available for motorcycles! Brighter isn't all that matters. There are endless claims of "ultra bright"...

How the Originator of aftermarket LED Headlight Bulbs Chose Better over Cheaper.

In 2014, after 3 years of patiently waiting for the right technology to finally come through our engineering laps, we launched the first functional LED Headlight Kit to the aftermarket with tremendous success. Since then, we’ve seen countless fast followers that have either poorly imitated or come close. For the past 3 years, we took careful notes of what we could have improved in our own original design, as well as decipher what others we’re doing to make such inexpensive kits. This is what we found.

LED Lumens isn’t the whole story- 2/3 of the led headlight “brightness” story that isn’t told.

  • Did you know, that if you had a headlight with the highest lumens but poor lux and CRI, you would essentially have an LED headlight that was bright but you couldn’t see a darn thing at night? OPT7 is the ONLY LED headlight bulb manufacturer that has engineered, tuned, and measured for the other 2 critical factors (Lux and Lumens) that allow for great LED headlights.
  • Advanced color index (CRI) allows for brighter output with the same lumens- Supported through the actual chipset quality and design and enhanced with a quartz glass arc glass (V2) vs silicone sealed glass arc lens (v1)
  • Lux- the light output against a particular distance as opposed to the source (Lumens)--Our new led allows for 30% better LUX output than version one. Many cheap kits claim huge lumens but far poorer lux because the light never reaches the right distance.

Stunning LED Output- NOT at the expense of Lifespan

  • There is a reason our new LED’s chipsets on average cost 4x as much as any competitors are using.
    • Fluxbeam uses proprietary LED Chipsets that was customized to engineered specs SPECIFIC to automotive applications.
    • As far as our extension research has shown us, no other led headlight brand uses led chips that are engineered specifically for automotive use. Which means things like output, ability to withstand automotive environments, and throw distance we’re not even considered.
    • Another Hidden Truth- Nearly all of the cheap led headlight kits sold on online marketplaces have OVERCLOCKED their chipset to hit lumens> increases heat> kills lifespan exponentially. Why do they do this? To deliver that ever enticing cheap price that consumers crave.
    • All New Roden™ LED Driver- Redesigned inside and out to take advantage of the LED Chipset. Named after the Deep Red Valley crafted aluminum ridges that ensure the new Driver Chipset maintains optimal operating temperatures. A reminder than nearly half of LED Headlight failures come from everything but the LED Diode themselves. Claims 50K hrs- actually 1000hrs or less (even far less in closed headlight environments)

Why only 1 color option?

  • We found that since many of the resellers we’re simply buying off the shelf led chips that we’re intended for non-automotive led applications, they never have the size nor the expertise to create the correct alternate color patterns. This year, Fluxbeam v.2 launched with the industry first 5K LED headlight color option for customer seeking a more OEM headlight effect. Available for nearly all the most popular LED bulb types like H11, 9005, 9006, H4, and H13.

LED Chip And Manufacturing Quality. Why OPT7’s Fluxbeam Series beyond the technology?

  • We select manufacturing vendors that assembled and sources materials for the Fortune 500 that follow our engineering specs to the T.
  • Why are these quality vendors so important? Simply. CONSISTENCY.
    • Because Batch 1 and Batch 2’s difference in quality can be dramatic. For generic LED headlight brands, the reviews you saw from batch 1 can be WORLD’s apart from what you see in Batch 5.

At OPT7, we think of the automotive community we serve as part of our family. Our customers trust us to deliver to the highest standard every time, and we return that loyalty by being meticulously involved in every step of the process, from the design to the testing to the packaging. FluxBeams’ v.2 final assembly takes place right here in our California offices, so we can be sure it’s done right. The market is saturated with resellers and middlemen, but you have peace of mind when you purchase from OPT7 that we are true experts in our field. We burst onto the scene and changed the aftermarket lighting game in the last decade, and we continue to rule the arena by constantly delivering new, innovative, and exclusive designs.

Our Fluxbeam Series LED Headlight Conversion Kits (Fluxbeam Core v.2, Fluxbeam Original v.2 and Fluxbeam X) look to cover the entire spectrum of automotive and lighting design enthusiasts without compromising the quality, design, and engineering foundation we insist to abide by.

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