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Boltzen AC CANBUS Series: 35w HID Kit

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Product Description

Xenon Lighting: Perfected. 

The new OPT7 HID Boltzen AC CANBUS lighting kit comes with everything you need to make the ultimate upgrade in HID lighting technology.

hid boltzen canbus light kit

Be Seen For Miles. 

With the Z-Arc xenon HID bulbs, your vehicle shines brighter. This keeps you safe with the greatest on-road visibility, and also provides a great custom look that makes your car stand out!

hid boltzen canbus light bulbs

Why Z-Arc Bulbs? 

    • Our Z-Arc bulbs are UV-cut quartz that have been vacuum induced with xenon gas to produce a clear beam that is 5x brighter than stock halogens!
    • They use 35% less power than halogen and last up to 2-3x as long without fading.
    • Insulated wiring prevents the bulbs from overheating and early burnouts.

hid boltzen canbus lighting upgrade kit

But that's only half the story, check out the Boltzen AC 35w CANBUS Series Ballast:

The premium line of the OPT7 HID ballast family and our most powerful, reliable, and longest lasting unit. CANBUS technology optimizes and adapts to your vehicle's power flow to produce a strong, powerful light that will last 5x longer than regular HID lighting kits. Boltzen CANBUS ballasts are just as powerful and reliable as OEM factory ballasts but at fraction of the price.

hid-light kit comparison

Why Choose the Boltzen Kit? 

    • The Brightest: 20-30% brighter light (4100 Lumens) than our standard Bolt Series ballast.
    • The Smartest: AC CANBUS technology with built-in ECM warning canceller.
    • The Strongest: 100% weatherproof stainless steel case with OEM grade silicone sealant, lasts for 10+ years!
    • The Promised: Six-Sigma quality certification through 3 separates points of production.

Installation is a Breeze. 

With Plug 'n' Play connections, installing the Boltzen HID kit is as easy as 1,2,3...

hid boltzen kit installation


    • Xenon Colors Available: 3000k Fog Yellow, 5000K Bright White, 6000K Lightning Blue, 8000K Ice Blue & 10000K Deep Blue.
    • Lumen Output: 4,100 Lumens.
    • Lifetime: 4,500 Hours.
    • Power Output: 35-watts.
    • Voltage: 9-16v.
    • Operating Temperature: -40° F - 220°F.
    • Water Resistance: IP67 Rated (Up 9 Meters).
    • Casing: Aluminum/Polycarbonate.
    • Chipset: Blitz ASIC 2800.
    • Radio Interference Protection: Yes.
    • ReStrike Protection: Yes.
    • Kit Includes: 2 Bulbs, 2 Ballasts, Install Guide.
    • Ballast Dimensions: 3.3” x 2.8” x 0.8”.

hid light kit warranty

Product Reviews

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  1. Bright

    Posted by Alex Schuster on 14th Mar 2017

    Very bright and easy straight forward installation + extras.

  2. Want to give a 5 star review

    Posted by mindee on 13th Mar 2017

    I'd like to be able to give them 5 stars, but I have been having issues where it takes a few minutes for them to kick on. For some reason the driver side takes longer. When they work, they're great! I got the 5000K bright white and they're super bright. Way better than the factory yellow junk that came with my truck.

    I'm thinking I may have a bad ballast and will be requesting a warranty replacement. If allowed, I will up this to 5 stars after that happens.

  3. Works perfect

    Posted by Unknown on 23rd Feb 2017

    Got more things in the box then what was needed but it also came with instructions. Better than some other company that didn't send any type of instructions. Works great on my 2014 Ram 3500 projectors. Now just need to get the fogs done.

  4. Awesome

    Posted by Dylan on 10th Jan 2017

    These are by far the best head lights I've bought!! Quick and easy to install and bright as can be. 5 stars in my book!!

  5. Great Fit and Support

    Posted by Milkbone on 6th Jan 2017

    I can't say enough about the quality and appearance of OPT7 products. I utilize their products in all my vehicles. Unfortunately we could not get 9005 HID bulbs to turn on my 2003 C5 Corvette. The FluxbeamX LED's worked well for the 9006 low beam but the fan assy interfered with the mechanical headlight system

  6. Works well plug and play

    Posted by Zach on 4th Oct 2016

    Installed using the wiring harness the lights are nice and bright a great improvement over the halogen bulbs. But it is not error free. According to the dash in my 2016 Ram 1500 I have a headlight out. But both lights are functioning. And from everything I have found online there is currently no fix for this error. 10/03/2016


    Posted by Steve on 28th Sep 2016

    Great buy, needed these for a 2013 Ford Focus ,very easy to install , this car you must remove the whole light assembly(2screws each side) and use the wiring harness. There was a very loud buzz coming from the relay so I purchased a new relay from a local auto parts store, there is still a slight buzz but no where near as bad as it was(so I think I got a faulty relay). I also just ordered the warning light cancellors as the fault on my car display shows a low beam fault so hopefully this extra component will fix this issue. The lights still work just shows the fault . Cancellors were an added cost but that has to do with the car and these were very inexpensive and the added cost of the relay but still very happy with the quality of the light, just hope the bulbs last

  8. HID for TUNDRA 2016

    Posted by Alexander DeFalco on 27th Sep 2016

    Installed Spyder headlights. These bulbs fit direct with no play. Amazing color and easy adjustments, The relay is very functional and can be easily mounted to the frame with zip ties.

  9. HID Fog for CT200h

    Posted by Eric B on 12th May 2016

    I ordered the h11 5000k kit. I put these in my Lexus CT200h fogs. Easy to install. Works and looks great with OPT7 H11 Led Fluxbeam in my low beams. I'm thinking about buying h11 6000k bulbs just for looks.

  10. Great Light

    Posted by Julietha Pangemanan on 5th May 2016

    I bought AC Canbus 35W 6000K thinking that it will give Great light on the road ... it was not. The light is white bluish color. I can't see what road ahead. So I spent more money to buy Replacement 5000K HID light bulbs and .... I'm happy, the light is much much brighter than the 6000K. The ballast are awesome, no flicker, works on auto lighting mode on my 2016 Honda Civic LX. Installation took me 25 minutes due to finding location where to attach the ballasts. Overall ... Good Job Opt-7.

  11. Big improvement for my 02 Odyssey

    Posted by Bob on 5th Feb 2016

    I kept trying the best rated halogen bulbs but was always disappointed. I have spent much more on those than I did on this kit. The 5000 K temperature is a nice pure white and the kit was easy to install. The instructions could be more specific but it is not hard to find your way. Everything you need is in there. Good job opt-7!

  12. Improved HID Ballast

    Posted by Jeff on 23rd Dec 2015

    I wish the AC CANBUS series that I just installed in my daughter's Camry had been available earlier. AC CANBUS seems to be a much better ballast.
    I bought the OPT7 AC 55W Xenon H11 HID Kit for my son's Scion and they have repeated failed during his 4 hours to college.
    I am hoping OPT7 can help me with the AC CANBUS replacement. I would gladly pay the difference.

  13. Super EZ and Brilliant Light

    Posted by Unknown on 27th Oct 2015

    The installation instructions were great and very clear. I have used another brand of light just a few months ago, and this was by far a much better way to go. The light is fantastic and works great!

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