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Bolt AC Series: 55w HID Kit

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Product Description

Unrivaled Brightness. 

The Gold Standard for 55w HID Kits. Producing 3,900 lumen @ 55 watts! 
The new OPT7 HID Bolt AC 55w lighting kit comes with everything you need to make the most powerful upgrade in HID lighting technology.

hid bolt 55w light kit

When cheap hazy blue lights don't cut it. Go with the original. Just check out these amazing features: 

  • Ultra Bright HID Kit - 35% brighter than 35w DC Analog HID Kits. 
  • Bolt Z-Arc/span> Bulbs - The only HID bulbs rated to handle Bolt's 55-watts of power. 
  • AC Digital Technology - No Flickering. PERIOD. 
  • Waterproof Ballasts - We don't just coat our chips with silicone like other manufacturers, we COMPLETELY fill the ballast to ensure maximum protection. 
  • 20 Minute Setup - QuickSnap connectors gets you back on the road quicker. 


Be Seen For Miles. 

With the Z-Arc xenon HID bulbs, your vehicle shines brighter. This keeps you safe with the greatest on-road visibility, and also provides a great custom look that makes your car stand out! 55w hid conversion kit comparison

Why Z-Arc Bulbs?

  • Our Z-Arc bulbs are UV-cut quartz that have been vacuum induced with xenon gas to produce a clear beam that is 5x brighter than stock halogens!
  • They use 35% less power than halogen and last up to 2-3x as long without fading.
  • Insulated wiring prevents the bulbs from overheating and early burnouts.

hid light kit xenon 55w

Installation is a Breeze

With Plug 'n' Play connections, installing the Bolt AC HID kit is as easy as 1,2,3...

Check out our easy to follow installation guide.

hid bolt 55w kit installation

Your Comprehensive HID Conversion Kit Includes: 

  • (2) Bolt AC Digital 55-watt Power Ballasts.
  • (2) Bolt AC Ballast Igniters.
  • (2) Bolt AC Z-Arc 55w-Rated HID Bulbs.
  • (2) Metal Mounting Brackets and Screws.
  • (1) Easy-to-Use Installation Booklet.
  • With Relay Harness / Anti-Flicker Bundle:
    • (1) HID Power Relay Harness
    • (2) HID Anti-Flicker ECM Capacitors

Why Choose OPT7?

We don't cut corners. We pride ourselves on quality and reliability. Every component of this HID kit goes through a series of Quality Assurance Tests to ensure consistent color matching and stable power output. Although many HID companies use similar ballast housings, the internal components are always different and inferior. Trust the original. Trust what lasts.

REAL 2-Year Warranty

We believe in our products enough to offer what we call a "REAL" 2-Year Warranty.

We actually honor our warranty! Should your HID kit do anything but shine brightly within 2-years of your purchase, contact us and we'll take care of you!

hid light kit warranty

Other Details

Offers Low Beam HID and High Beam Reduced Output Halogen
May require a vehicle specific HID bulb adapter that is not included
Dual Beam HID Lighting
ECM Capacitors:
Often used to cure flickering on both sides
TIPM Load Resistors:
Recommended for TIPM CPU equipped vehicles like Dodge, Ram, Jeep and Chrysler brand vehicles

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