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Bolt AC Series: 35w HID Kit

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Product Description

Look On The Bright Side! 

The OPT7 Bolt AC 35-watt HID Lighting Kit comes with everything you need to make the ultimate upgrade in HID lighting technology. With the Z-Arc™ xenon HID bulb, your lights shine brighter than the rest, keeping you safe with the greatest on-road visibility while also providing you with a custom vibrant look that will make you stand out!

  • 5x brighter, uses 35% less power, and lasts 2-3x longer than halogen without fading!
  • Insulated wiring prevents overheating and early burnouts.
  • Available in all standard OEM bulb sizes.
  • Currently available in a wide variety of brilliant colors! For the brightest light select 5000K Bright White or 6000K Lighting Blue.

The Bolt AC Series Line of HID Kits. 

The Bolt AC 35w HID Ballast is the premium line of the OPT7 HID kit family. What separates the Bolt series from the standard HID ballast is the use of self-learning AC Digital Technology that allows for brighter light output per watt and a 50% longer lifespan than typical DC HID kits.

  • AC Digital Logic technology keeps your lights clear and prevents flickering by adapting to the voltage of your vehicle.
  • Quick and Easy 30 minute plug-n-play install with QuickSnap adapters.
  • 100% Weatherproof Stainless Steel casing with Grade 7 silicone sealant to ensure a long lasting unit.
  • Six-Sigma quality certification through 3 separates points of production.
  • Easy to follow installation guide.
  • Ballast Size: Length 3.4 in x Width 2.95 in x Height 1.22 in.
  • Lumens Output: 3,400 LM.

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