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Just Released - New Mustang Arrow Designs

Posted by Vivian C. on

If you liked the original Arrow LED Sequential Turn Signals, you will love Diffused and Smoked designs. See details below and click here to get the design that fits your 6th Gen.


If you like an American-style concentrated glow over the dotted, crystal LED look more popular in Euro cars, go with Diffused – in this new design, the ice-white of the original model is blended into a solid, intense beam.


Rather than smudging or darkening the glow as the name “Smoked” might imply, this model retains the clean, modern look of Original Arrow while adding a slick blue-gray gleam. 


The Original speaks for its self. One of our most in-demand OPT7 items, Arrow Original smoothly integrates with your headlights, featuring that signature coordinated sequential flash when turn signals are activated.