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REX Headlights & Tail Lights for Trucks, Curated by OPT7 - Out Now

Posted by Vivian C. on

Finally - New Truck Division Bridges Gap between Cheap Parts and Pricey Custom Designs.

Los Angeles, California – March 21st, 2018 – Aftermarket innovator OPT7 has unveiled its newest division REX lighting, which will focus on affordable, high-functioning, high-aesthetic lighting for trucks – a segment of the market which OPT7 deems unfulfilled as of yet.

As OC team member Ethan Huang explains, “Right now, you have the option of expensive, elitist custom design work, and then you have cheap no-name brands that aren’t reliable and don’t look OEM. The REX division is here to address that in-between zone, where you’re not on a limitless budget, but you do want to revamp your truck with quality products endorsed by a trustworthy American brand.”

The US automotive scene is hotter than ever, with rising standards for LED/HID upgrades and new brands fiercely competing for a spot in the aftermarket arena. As a relative veteran with 10+ years of experience in lighting design, OPT7 continues to command the movement with a highly trained team of experts, exclusively designed products, flashy social media collaborations – and now, a new branch of the brand that will cater specifically to the needs of the truck community.

“We have, and always will be, a family of people who love cars,” Nick Kuchinski, a veteran at OPT7 emphasizes. “That’s why we’ve had such loyalty from the automotive community, from muscle car to import to off-roaders. Starting a truck division is just a first step for us, and next step is to offer a specialized experience for everyone under the OPT7 umbrella.”

As of right now, the newly-minted REX division is offering headlight and tail light upgrades for the Dodge Ram, Ford F-150, Chevrolet Silverado, GMC Sierra, Toyota Tacoma and Tundra, with more products on the way for the Cadillac Escalade, Toyota FJ Cruiser, and Ford Ranger. Aside from offering drivers a boost in light projection, these high-end headlights and tail lights come with options of brushed chrome or stunning black finishes, and clear or smoked lenses, with heavy-duty protection through double-coated EVRCLEAR™ resin.

Says Kuchinski, “Are we where we want to be? There’s immense potential for this niche, and this is only the very beginning – but it’s a strong start. We’ve got a great direction laid out over the next few years for REX that our truck fans will be stoked to be a part of.”

Collaboration and product giveaway opportunities with REX are expected to be announced soon via the OPT7 Facebook and Instagram accounts.


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