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Blitz DC 55w Xenon HID Kit

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Product Description


HID Turbocharged! 

Blast away the night with the upgraded Blitz 55w Xenon HID Lighting Kit. 5x more light than halogen, improved weather protection, and a price that can't be beat.

blitz 55w hid headlight conversion

The Blitz 55w HID Ballasts: 

  • 40% brighter than traditional HID ballasts.
  • Fires over 357% more light down road thanks to the Blitz ASIC 3700 HID chipset. With that much light, you'll never miss the "freeway exit on the right" again.
  • Rated and tested to last over 4,000 brilliant hours. Long enough for you and for the next owner of your car.

blitz hid kit light comparison

The Z-Arc™ Xenon HID Bulbs: 

  • Built To Last: UV-cut quartz Z-Arc bulb with forced-induction xenon gas and an airtight seal to eliminate leakage.
  • Color Perfected: Carefully calibrated to within a .001 range to ensure a perfect color light, every time you start up.
  • Guaranteed To Fit: Injection molded from the same template specs used by Osram-Sylvania, the world's leading supplier of OEM automobile halogen bulbs.

blitz hid kit xenon bulbs

Simple DIY Install: 

  • Replace OEM bulbs with Z-Arc HID xenon bulbs.
  • Plug bulbs in to Blitz ballast.
  • Plug ballast into the same power cord that the original bulb was plugged into.

blitz hid light kit installation

Comes with everything you need and more:

hid blitz 55w light kit warranty

Product Videos

OPT7 How-To: Wiring overview for HID kit installation 04:32

HID Kit Wiring Installation Overview - Avoid Flickering This video features our team member, Mike, who is here to help you when it comes to installing an HID kit. This video is focused on reviewing the HID Kit wiring so you avoid common errors that can lead to flickering. If you have additional questions please feel free to comment below. This video is showing our Blitz HID Kit. If you are interested in this kit please visit the following link or simply search "Blitz HID Kit by OPT7" on Amazon. Link: http://www.opt-7.com/blitz-55w-xenon-hid-kit/ The team at OPT7 is always looking to provide helpful videos, we will be adding more content each month, so click subscribe and follow us on social. https://www.facebook.com/OPT7lighting/ https://www.instagram.com/opt7lighting/ https://twitter.com/OPT7Lighting References: If you need just a capacitor for your HID Kit because it wasn't included due to flickering issues, here is a link: http://www.opt-7.com/hid-kit-capacitors-warning-light-cancellors-pair/ More Helpful information: Here at OPT7 we work tirelessly to bring you quality lighting at a fair price. With more 10 years experience and dedicated staff here in the US, we have some of the best reviews in the industry. And that didn't come without hard work and attention to detail. That said, sometimes there are simple mistakes made during the install process and we are here to help you avoid them. Our support team is available at Support@OPT-7.com and you can also find them via Live Chat on our website. Our Blitz 55 watt HID Kit shown here is available starting at $39.95. It's plug and play, and shouldn't require a professional install. Some kits come with capacitors, but if yours didn't you can get them for $5.95, see link above. Note: remember to always install the capacitor between the ballast wire and plug n play wires, shown in the video. This is a common mistake. It must be installed between those wires to avoid flickering and the EMC warning you might get on your dash. Thanks again for tuning in! See you next time.

  • OPT7 How-To: W...
    HID Kit Wiring Installation Overview - Avoid Flickering This ...

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