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We Are Opt7

AURA PRO with Bluetooth Enabled App


AURA Pro™ is designed for simplicity, but engineered
for feature-rich, brilliant colors.
Now featuring our OPT7 AURA LED Bluetooth App Controller
for iOS & Android.
AURA Pro™ True Plug and Play Installation
and Fast Set Up.

Our LED design combines Micro-LEDs of all 3 primary colors into a single Surface Mounted Device.

Transform your truck with Infinite LED colors, each with multiple dimming, strobe and flashing options.

AURA Pro™ Interior door assist feature now available in any
color you choose.

Learn more in our first featured video.

More light for your wheels, more light for your rims.

Protected by a thin watertight heat-resistant polymer.

Flexible design makes it easy to mount anywhere
you want.

AURA Pro App was built by our team and we keep the App
updated with the newest features.

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