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AURA LED Aluminum Underglow Lighting Kit + Remote Controls

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Product Description


Full Color Spectrum with SmartColor™ LEDs. 
AURA™ Aluminum Underbody Bars are made with SmartColor LEDs. Our revolutionary LED design combines Micro-LEDs of all 3 primary colors into a single SMD (Surface Mounted Device). This allows a perfect mixture of color at the micro level, emitting a more pure, brilliant light color. 

underbody led lighting
Built Tough. Built for the Road. 
Our underbody bars were built to last. Constructed of aluminum and filled with dense silicone, our kits are designed to protect against road debris, moisture and anything else life can throw at it.
tough underbody led lighting
Hear It, See It, Feel It with SoundSync™. 
When the beat drops and you're lost in the moment, your heart won't be the only thing racing. SoundSync™ illuminates the music with finely tuned bass-activated technology. It's time to experience your music in a whole new light.

Two Power Options:

  • Simple Car Charger Adapter
    • Just plug it in and hit "ON".
  • Custom Fuse Adapters
    • Unique to OPT7, our kit includes (3) different sized fuse adapters that allow you to plug your kit directly into your fuse box to ensure a clean install.

powering options

Mounting is Easy
The AURA Underbody Light Kit come with two 36" and two 48" rigid aluminum light bars, so you can easily arrange them in a way that works best for your vehicle. Once you've mounted your light bars, you just need to plug them into the Ubox control box. We've included four 10ft cable extensions to make things even easier!

mount underbody glow lights

E-Z Programming
Once installed, easily select the color and pattern you want with our two feature-rich E-Z Remotes.

  • One touch color selection.
  • Advanced color dimming.
  • Variable speed control.
  • Multiple flashing modes.

remote for underbody lights

Kit Includes:

  • Ubox™ 1.0 Control Box
  • Two 48" Light Bars with 72 Smart-Color™ LEDs
  • Two 36" Light Bars with 54 Smart-Color™ LEDs
  • Four 10ft Extension Cables
  • Three Plug-n-Go™ Fuse Tap Connectors
  • Car Charger Adapter
  • Two E-Z Remotes:
    • Miniature Keychain Remote with 4 Buttons
    • Full Feature Remote Control with 24 Buttons

underbody glow light specifications




Product Videos

AURA LED Underbody SoundSync Demo 00:15

See how our underbody LED lights perform in this realistic simulation. #seethedifference You can purchase your AURA underbody kit here: http://www.opt-7.com/aura-led-aluminum-underbody-lighting-kit/

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Product Reviews

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  1. Love it!!

    Posted by biglee84swanga on 15th Feb 2017

    Im telling you, if you want the best underbody kit around, look no further. I have even gotten compliments from the police!!! definitely a must have to set your ride aside from all other cars. Vivid colors and so many functions to choose from with the remote. A definite head turner @ night.

  2. Recommend to anyone

    Posted by Brian H on 20th Jan 2017

    Easy installation and works great.

  3. Amazing!

    Posted by Randall Alarcon on 13th Jan 2017

    I ordered these OTP7 body lights an they are just amazing! They shipped pretty quick to 5 stars real easy to put in an hook everything up!

  4. It's a dream :)

    Posted by Jonny on 11th Jan 2017

    Ever since I can remember, I've always wanted a car with underglow no matter how many people told me it was 'ricy.'

    Summary: The AURA LED Aluminum Underbody Lighting Kit is high quality and will outfit your car with a unique appearance. The kit provides everything you need to successfully install it successfully, even by yourself if you can get under your car. I'd suggest using automotive ramps. Why buy this kit over simple LED kits that have similar functionalites? It's made for it. The aluminum body and silicon-cased LED's are made for the inevitable rough conditions underneath your car while driving. It's my dream come true.

    - high quality, great aluminum construction
    - comes with everything you need to install (at least for plug n' play)
    - can be installed by yourself
    - has all the functionality you need from color fading to having the lights flash to your music
    - comes with a remote
    - long wires
    - very affordable

    - main remote feels a little cheap / fragile
    - y-splitters would have been nice to include so you can easily hook up other AURA products to the same control box
    - it doesn't install itself

  5. High quality

    Posted by Unknown on 8th Nov 2016

    The strips are high quality and the remote set up is easy to use and has good range

  6. Great!

    Posted by Codh on 17th Aug 2016

    Have the underbody kit with my wheel well and two strips in my grille! It all looks amazing at night. Easy to mount! Fun to play with and the local cop even likes them haha. 5 Stars easily. If I could give more, I would! Best bang for the buck!

  7. Underbody kit

    Posted by Matthew on 29th Jun 2016

    First of all, the lights are awesome. Very affordable, very bright, and the patterns and remote look great. Only had two issues. First of all, the extension wires are not long enough to reach from the front to the back of the vehicle so I had to remove a splitter from my interior kit to hook up the light under my back bumper. Secondly, the cigarette lighter adapter power cord isn't long enough to reach to the control box which is mounted next to the battery under the hood. The control box had to be mounted there to get all the lights cords under the vehicle. It would have been nice to have an extension and a longer cigarette lighter adapter as an add on option when I purchased the kit. Now I'm trying to find a longer cigarette adapter wire on the site and there doesn't seem to be one. Overall, the kit is great and better than advertised. If I didn't have a long van I probably wouldn't be having any of these issues. I still highly recommend this kit if you're thinking about lighting up your vehicle. Would have been nice if one remote worked for both the interior and exterior kit but that's just me being picky. Great product!!!

  8. Great!

    Posted by Matt on 17th Mar 2016

    This was the first Aura kit I bought. It started me buying the other Aura kits. The aluminum backing for the lights is very sturdy. Install was easy and the instructions are clear. Everyone loves this. People always ask were I got it because they want underbody lights, I tell them OPT7.com. They think the kit costs $200+ but when I tell them the price they are shocked.

  9. Awesome

    Posted by William on 4th Dec 2015

    Ease of install, quality, and perfection. So far I've installed this on Jeeps, Fords, Hondas, and dodges. All easy, all turn out amazing. Thanks OPT7!

  10. Guiding Lights!

    Posted by Christopher Roebuck on 27th Jul 2015

    These lights work great in my GMC Sonoma. They really were plug and play. It brighten my day, well my night to switch colors while talking to the judges in a night show competition! Also fast shipping! I ordered them on a Monday and has them in hand by Friday just in time enough to install them. Now that these look great, I'm about to purchase the FLUXBEAM LED Headlight Kit unless OPT7 wants to sponsor me and send me set!

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