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16-ft - Advanced Glow LED Strip with 5050 SMD Strip Connectors

$24.95 OPT7 Free Shipping

Product Description

Highlight the Night. 

Use the latest in OPT7 automotive LED technology and accent your ride with razor sharp LED strips.

  • Grill / Bumper / Hood.
  • Under-Body / Wheel Well / Trunk.
  • Headlight / Taillight.
  • Dashboard / Foot Well / Seats.

Reliable Brightness. 

OPT7 Advanced GlowTM SMDs come from a wave of new LED technology now being utilized in the automotive industry. Engineered to emit brighter, cleaner colors with greater coverage.

20 Strips, 20 Lighting Locations. 

Each OPT7 LED Strip roll is made-up of (20) 10-inch continuous strips. These strips can be separated and individually powered, or left connected for a longer string of LED lighting. Separating the strips can easily be enough for an entire car/truck.

Cut and Reconnect. 

Strips can be cut and reconnected with OPT7 Strip Connectors. Two strip connectors included per kit. Additional strip connectors can be purchased separately.

Lighting from Bumper-to-Bumper.

Strip length can be increased/shorten by 2-inch increments without disrupting the flow of power. This means strip length can be customized to 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14-inches, etc.

Flex Between Panels. 

Contour around even the most difficult shapes and corners. Flexible enough to be tucked between car panels for that clean install that all car enthusiasts want to achieve.

Key Features:

  • Customizable Lengths - From 2-inches to 192-inches.
  • Brighter - Uses 300-Advanced GlowTM SMDs.
  • Simpler - Self-adhesive tape and strip connectors simplifies installation.
  • Smoother - Silicone-based body with rounded top.
  • Safer - Shock and Water Resistant.

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